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Malaysia Trip – Travel to Kuala Lumpur

The end of October is the Deepvali holidays in Singapore so I went travelling to the capital of Malaysia – Kuala Lumpur. I have never travelled to Malaysia before so I am curious how it look like. The only thing I heard from others is the things in Malaysia are cheap (compared to Singapore). Also, I always see my idol Brian Cha going to KL so I chose to go there. (One of my mission in this trip is to buy his new book!)

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Transportation in Kuala Lumpur

KL is less than one hour from Singapore by flight. There are public transport system in KL. Although I only take train and Grab for my trip, buses are also available.


There are 4 major types of train in Kuala Lumpur and luckily I got chance to try all of them.

Klia Ekspress and Klia Transit – The airport line

I took Klia Ekspress from the Airport to Sentral Station, and then change to another line to the accommodation. I feel the airport express train is a bit old but it is not crowded.

KTM KOMUTER – The tradition train service

KTM is the long old train but be careful about the timetable of the train. It may take you 1 hour to wait for the next train (for those who plans to go Batu Cave)! One more tip is please don’t fully trust the train timetable in google map if you are going to take KTM. It is better to double check at the station.

KLRapid – The most convenient transit across city center

LRT and Monorail are operated by KLRapid. They are the shorter train which can bring you to most place in city centre.

MRT – The modern railway transit

MRT is a modern railway. As far as I notice, the density is much lower than the other railway.

Actually you will be able to tell who are the target customer for each of this railway after trying them all. I will let you experience instead of tell you the answer.

Bus in Kuala Lumpur

I haven’t tried taking bus in KL but it is good to know that there are free bus in Kuala Lumpur. The free bus will be marked as GoKL and there are 4 free bus route in total.

However, I found it very difficult to locate the bus stop and again please don’t 100% trust Google map.

Grab, you final saver

For some place there is no public transport or it took too long, then taking Grab will save you much time. If you know Uber, Grab is the SEA version of Uber. If you don’t know Uber, you can treat it as a fixed price taxi calling app. Just download the mobile app and start calling a car.


We rent a Airbnb flat in a residential area. When we reached there, it seems many of the flat are for airbnb. Also, it is interesting that the residential area seems to be still in development. There are no sufficient facilities for daily life. There were just random residential building in the area. Maybe, this is the reason why the buildings are mainly for Airbnb.

Attraction in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur is the capital city and the commercial area of Malaysia. There are not many tourist attraction there.

Batu Caves

The most famous outdoor attraction would be the Batu Caves, where is a religious place. There is a very tall statue at the entrance and then you have to walk up a very steep staircases in order to go inside the caves.

The caves is not very big but it looks amazing. There is a big hole on the top of the caves so sunlight can go into the caves. The stone inside are also interesting that I sometimes feel like those stone gonna fall down soon.

China Town

Most of the major cities in the world would have a China Town, so does Kuala Lumpur. China Town was not in our original plan but since there is time so we went there. As expected, it is another street selling cheap thing in higher price…

Food in Kuala Lumpur


Where is the Chinese population?

mid valley

3 Days Itinerary for Kuala Lumpur

My Kuala Lumpur 3 Days itinerary:
Day 1 – Airport -> Kila -> KL Sentral ->Grab -> Airbnb Check-in -> shopping mall nearby to eat -> Monrail -> bukit bintang -> alor street -> Monrail back
Day 2 – walk -> breakfast nearby -> grab -> batu caves -> KTM + LRT? -> KLCC -> donut -> taxi -> 肉骨茶 -> walkk to bintang -> shopping mall supermarket -> monorail -> rest for rain -> monorail -> alor street dinner -> monorail
Day 3 – locker -> grab -> 叉燒 ->  AEON  -> train -> china town ->  beef noodle -> grab -> mid valley ->train to airport

My thought on the trip

My Comment:
Different from what I expected, more expensive than SG. maybe JB is different. maybe tourist area. believe some local food cheaper but not able to find it.

many japanese

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