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Korea Trip – Travel to Songdo, Incheon

This series of posts recorded my trip to South Korea during April – May 2019.

The map of locations below can be found here.

Day 7 of 8 – Busan 부산 釜山 → Incheon 인천 仁川

Today I travel from Busan to Incheon – Our final destination.

The Final Destination

Breakfast @ Busan Station

Breakfast – Paris Baguette

Gwanmyeong station

I took KTX from Busan Station to Gwanmyeong station and switch bus to Incheon Songdo.

I have no idea how Gwanmyeong looks like before but it seems there are lots of tall building.

In Korea, there are many kind of bus. Some bus has the same route number but in different colours. The bus in red are long distance. This is my first time get in red bus. I fear that I miss the stop so I keep checking the map. There are few other people carrying luggage but the bus don’t have dedicated space for them. Apart from them, most passenger are students.

Arriving Orakai Hotel

On my last day, I want to have a more luxurious hotel experience. However, this Orakai Hotel is not that expensive compared to hotel in Seoul but the view from my room is just stunning!

Late Lunch

Sunset in Songdo Central Park

Observatory not in Google Map


Hanok Village

Day views in Songdo Central Park

Last night I went to the Songdo Central Park to see the night view. Today I want to see the day view as well. Also, there are two places which are only available daytime.

Deer Farm @ Songdo Central Park

Rabbit Island @ Songdo Central Park

Final Shopping in Lotte Mart

Here are all the snack I bought!

This series of posts recorded my trip to South Korea during April – May 2019

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