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Korea Trip – Travel to Seoul

Seoul is the capital city of Korea and there are lots of things to do here.

Accomodation · Attraction · Food

Accommodation @ Seoul

R Guesthouse – Guesthouse near Seoul Station

As a first timer, location of the accommodation is the most important factor so I ended up booking an accommodation next to Seoul Station – R Guesthouse. The guesthouse is located close to the train station exit 15 (please see the guide to Seoul Station below).

The guesthouse is located in a hidden alley but surprisingly there are road signs leading to the guesthouse along the way.

The room is actually very nice. Everything is clean and the room is warm! They even have washing machine and stove. I think staying there for a week would not be a problem.

Guide to Seoul Station

If you stay near to Seoul Station, it would be good to understand more about Seoul Station. Seoul Station probably is the largest train station in Seoul and there are more than 15 exits in the station so you have to look carefully which one you are looking for.

Direction for Seoul Station

Even if you looks at the map in your mobile, you may still find it difficult to find the exit you want to go. Here are some tips which can help:

Seoul Station can refer to Seoul Metro Station or Seoul KTX Station so if you are looking for exit 1~3 make sure which one it refers to.
Exit 15 are located at the side of Airport Express so it is easier to find. Otherwise, you have to follow the road sign and go to Metro line 1 or 4.

Grocery at Seoul Station

Lotte Mart is the most popular supermarket in Korean and it is not only a supermarket but many different kinds of product. There is Lotte Mart located at Seoul KTX station and there are lots of tourists there as well.

The entrance of it is not obvious you have to go outside of KTX station in order to find it. (Don’t mix it up with Lotte Outlet!)

Food at Seoul Station

There are few choices there, which open until late night. There are fast food shops at level 1 and other restaurants are located at level 2. What I need is some warm food at that moment so I entered a restaurant called ‘Bulgogi Brothers’ (불고기브라더스).

Attraction @ Seoul

The Stunning Hangang River

Hangang river is the most popular landmark in Seoul city. Along the river there are many Hangang parks and bridges across the river. While most of the Hangang parks has their unique feature, I only went to 2 of the most popular one. However, Hangagn river is not only about the river and the park, the bridge across the river are also major attractions.

Mapo Bridge (마포대교 麻浦大橋)

Mapo bridge is known for high suicide rate. Few years ago, the government tried to added some information on the bridge to encourage people cherish their life. However, the suicide rate even increased.

Yeouido Hangang Park (여의도한강공원 汝矣島漢江公園)

Yeouido Hangang Park is one of the most popular and the biggest Hangang park. Lots of young people gathered there, have a picnic and lots of different kind of activities.

There was also a night market during that time. I ordered some food from the cart and they are delicious.

Along the Hangang river, there are cycle tracks connecting every hangang park. So I rented a bicycle in Yeouido Hangang Park and ride to my next destination – Banpo Hangang Park.

Banpo Hangang Park (반포한강공원 盤浦漢江公園)

It took me 30 mins (at medium high speed) to reach Banpo Hangang Park. I was rushing because I want to catch up the ‘Moonlight Rainbow Fountain Show’ (반포대교 달빛무지개분수) at the banpo bridge.

Myeong-dong & (명동 明洞)

LoL Park (롤파크)

If you are a esports fans, this is the recommendation for you to see the pro gamer stars. This is the venue where the LCK (League of Legends Champions Korea) competitions were held. However, it is hard to get a ticket inside so I just visit outside. There are some exhibition about the LCK teams outside the venue. Also, if you want to play some games you can go to the internet cafe there.

Lotte Duty Free Star Avenue (星光大道)

This Star Avenue is the places where you can see the exhibition of your favourite Kpop stars.

Here I can see the handprints of my favourite kpop group Twice. And if you place your hand on the handprint for a few seconds, your favourite star will show up on the screen.

To be honest, this place is not very special but it would be a good place to visit if you are really a die hard fans or you go shopping here.

I·SEOUL·U @ Seoul Plaza

The I·SEOUL·U sign is the signature of Seoul. Originally it is located at Yeouido Hangang Park, but it was temporary moved to Seoul Plaza.

And during that time, they are playing a movie talking about women right in the Seoul Plaza.


In the last morning, I went to Hongdae area. There are lots of shopping area for teenager in that area. Also, you will be able to see street performance by university students. You may also face some students asking for survey but my level of Korean are not able to help them.

Since there are lack of time, I just quickly pass by and didn’t take any photo. But next time I will visit it again. Also, Seoul tower will be in the list for next time.

Food @ Seoul

Cold Noodle

[cold noodle pict)

There are also lots of cafe and bbq restaurants but I choose stay in the quiet restaurant in a shopping mall and try the cold noodle.


Since I have to wait until the sunset for my next activity so I decided to have my dinner first. I went to this restaurant called 신선설농탕 and ordered a 설농탕 (ox bone soup). The taste is clean but the flavour is not strong enough for me.

Lunch @ 취천루

My original plan is to go to a Samgyetang restaurant recommended by friends, but the queue is >50 people! So I have to change my plan. I search on Kakao map and look at people’s review. I decide to go to this place – 취천루. This restaurant is famous for dumpling but since I cannot just eat dumpling for lunch so I ordered 짬뽕 (spicy seafood noodle). Perhaps because I walked a lot this morning, I feel this very delicious! This is the best restaurant I went so far in this trip.

Dinner @ Seoul Station

What I need is some warm food at that moment so I entered a restaurant called ‘Bulgogi Brothers’ (불고기브라더스) and ordered a bulgogi beef stew. That was my first meal in Korea! The restaurant also provide WiFi so I took a long rest and make sure my body is warm enough before I go. I was satisfied with the taste as well. Originally I would rate this 4 out of 5 but at the end I found that there were much more good food coming in the next few days so I can only rate this 3.

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