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Korea Trip – Gyeongju Day Tour

About Gyeongju

Gyeongju (경주 慶州) was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Silla since >2000 years ago. There are lots of world heritage from residential area to temple and palace.

Gyeongju Day Tour

I joined a day tour to Gyeongju from Busan by KTourStory advertised in KKDay on day 5 of my Korea trip. Gyeongju is located at the north of Busan and about 2 hours away by car. It is famous for the world heritage located there. In the day tour, we will explore those heritage.

There was a heavy rain on that which makes the trip a bit inconvenient and I was a bit late and rush to the Busan KTX station which is our gathering location. This time I join the English tour and Victoria is our tourist guide and she was funny and always laugh.

Yangdong Folk Village (양동마을 良洞村)

The first stop of the tour is Yangdong Folk Village. This showed you how village looks like in Korea many years back. You could see houses for higher class people and lower class people are built with different material. Also, the higher class people lived in higher location of the village to show their social status. We can also have a look on how the school looks like.

It was pity that if there was no rain, I believe we can stay there for longer time and have better picture.


Next we headed to lunch. We went to a buffet restaurant where you can taste different kinds of traditional food. Again, it proved traditional food is not my taste. (See my lunch for the DMZ tour)

Seokguram Grotto (석굴암 石窟庵)

The next location is Seokguram Grotto. Seokguram Grotto is registered as one of the world heritage. We have to walk for ~20 minutes after we get off the car. Because of the heavy rain, the weather becomes colder and this 20 minutes became a tough walk. Photo is not allowed on the Seokguram Grotto so I can only took photo outside. The grotto is well protected inside and it is like a three man tall statues.

Bulguksa Temple (불국사 佛國寺)

Next, we went to another World Heritage – Bulguksa Temple. The tourist guide mentioned that there are lots of properties being damaged by Japan during war. It is funny that one of us is a Japanese and she felt awkward.

Anapji Pond (안압지 雁鴨池)

The last place for the tour is the Anapji pond. It is also called Donggung Palace and Wolji Pond (동궁과 월지 東宮和月池). It doesn’t look very special in daytime when we arrived. We just wait there for more than half an hour for the magic moment. When the sky turned dark, the lights will be on and the night view became very stunning.

The End of the Gyeongju Day Tour

It took another 2 hours to drive back to Busan. All of us looked very tired and fell asleep in the car. Overall it was a very good trip despite encountering a bad weather and I strongly recommend. It was the time for me to think about what dinner I should have.

This series of posts recorded my trip to South Korea during April – May 2019

The map of locations above can be found in the kakao map.

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