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Korea Trip – Busan Day Tour

About Busan

Busan is the largest coastal city in South Korea. There are many tourist attraction along the coastal line.

Busan Day Tour

Today I joined a day tour in Busan by KTourStory advertised in Klook. The tour starts even earlier than yesterday but since last night i slept early so i managed to wake up on time. Today, the rain stopped and the weather was nice.

After that, I went to the meeting point and saw Victoria – the tour guide for my gyeongju day tour yesterday. She was also leading the same tour I joined in Busan but unfortunately today I joined the Chinese group instead. Shin will be our tour guide today.

Haedong Yonggungsa Temple (해동용궁사 海東龍宮寺)

Our first stop is Haedong Yonggungsa Temple. This is one of the rare temple located next to the sea. And because of this i think this is one of the most beautiful temple I have seen.

At the entrance, there are many stores selling fishcake but I am already done. Also, the cafe there is play my favourite song ‘Stars over me’!

There are some interesting statues for the 12 Zodiac.


Our next stop is Taejongdae. Before that, we have our lunch first. We went to a restaurant close to Taejongdae.

The taste of this is very good. Jjajangmyeon is one of my favourite Korea dishes. This is a Seafood Jjajangmyeon and the portion is very large. Valued choice!

Taejongdae (태종대 太宗台)

Taejongdae is named after the ancient King Taejongdae of Sila Kingdom. At the entrance, you could take the little train to travel to the observatory. We are a bit late on schedule so we are rushing to the train station. When we arrived the train station, Victoria is blaming our tourist guide for being late and not picking up the phone. I feel like I am watching a Korean drama which is quite fun. However, there is a couple with kid who are not able to catch up with our pace. At the end, Shin go back and look for them and we board the little train without our tour guide which became our free activity time.

There is an option to take a short boat trip at taejongdae to enjoy the nice sea breeze. The tour doesn’t include the boat trip but I felt it would be a nice one by watching their boat pass by.

One special landscape in Taejongdae is the steep cliff along seaside. I really have no idea how those cliff could be formed. The nature is just amazing. There is also a interesting rock called ‘sinseonrock’ which looks like some Asia God.

I also met a fellow couple from Hong Kong, and they recommeded some must-buy snack in Korea.

Songdo Skywalk

Next we went to the Songdo. Our tourist guide mentioned that Songdo was getting less attractive to tourist because of competition from the neighbour. So the government spent resources to build more tourist facilities such as the Skywalk and cable car. To me, the special attraction is turtle island which shape is look a turtle. Actually, the island comes with a story below:

Basically the story is:

  1. Once upon a time, there was a fisherman living in this island with his widowed mother.
  2. One day, he encountered strong wind in the sea, so he escaped to a cave where it was said that there are dragon living inside.
  3. While he was waiting for the wave to calm, he spotted a beautiful lady with a big wound.
  4. She is actually the daughter of the king of dragon. She fought with a sea monster and get hurt.
  5. The fisherman want back and forth to find the medicine to cure her wound. Because of this, she fell in love with the fisherman and they decide to marry.
  6. The dragon king became very angry after knowing this. However, understanding their love is so strong, he agree the marriage, under the condition that her daughter will become human forever.
  7. In order to become a human, dragon have to stay away from sunlight, receiving moon energy and praying for 1,000 days. Therefor she start to follow the rules.
  8. She did this for 999 days. However, on the last day, she was chased by the sea monster until she receive sunlight. As a result she became a half dragon and half human.
  9. The fisherman riding a boat there lately, and put a knife into the monster’s heart. He and the injured monster fall into the sea and died together
  10. The dragon king felt sorry to hear this and he decide to turn him into a turtle rock in memorial of their eternal love, and create a place for people who are looking for forever love.

The story made this place more interesting.

There is another funny thing I saw here. There was a foreign guy keep asking a Korean girl to take picture with him, even her mom is right next to them. It’s really hard to tell his purpose haha.

Gamcheon Culture Village (감천문화마을 甘川洞文化村)

The final stop of the day trip is Gamcheon Culture Village.

An interesting fact is that Gamcheon culture village was a village poor people stay in order to escape from the war. It is transformed into a tourist spot because of all the painting and decoration in side the village. The story told us one thing: It doesn’t matter whether you were born in a poor family. If you work hard enough, people will appreciate it.

The most famous attraction point inside Gamcheon Culture Village is the Little Prince statue. There was a very long queue of people who want to take a photo with it. I feel the queue is a half hour long, which is a mission impossible for us to catch the bus back.

This series of posts recorded my trip to South Korea during April – May 2019

The map of locations above can be found in the kakao map.

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