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    Korea Trip – Top Attraction

    Featured Recommendations - DMZ Tour, Busan East Coast Tour; Romantic Theme - Songdo Central Park (송도 센트럴파크 松島中央公園), Hangang Park (한강공원 漢江公園), Cheonggyecheon Stream (청계천 清溪川), Busan Tower (부산타워 釜山塔), Seoullo 7017 (서울로 7017 首爾路 7017); Historical Theme - Gyeongju (경주 慶州), Gyeongbokgung Palace (경복궁 景福宮), Bugaksan Mountain (북악산 北岳山), Bukchon Hanok Village (북촌한옥마을 北村韓屋村)

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    Korea Trip – Travel to Songdo, Incheon

    On Day 7, I travelled to the final destination - Incheon's Songdo (인천 송도 仁川 松島) which is a modern city. I went to the Songdo Central Park for the stunning sunset view, and visited the famous Hanok village where the popular drama "The Lonely and Great God – Goblin" takes place.